We offer welding services using the following methods: TIG, MIG, MAG manual and automated, which guarantee the highest quality. We perform welding of structural and alloy steel as well as aluminium and aluminium alloys. A strong team of engineers, experienced welders and the available equipment allow us to execute even the most demanding projects. Our offer is addressed to both companies and individuals.

Welding equipment

- Siegmund S28 Welding table 2400x1200x200
- Lizard welding cart
- Migatronic Sigma Galaxy welders
- Kempi fastmig welders
- Kempi Kempact welders
- Kempi Minarc welders
- Kempi MasterTig welders


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+48 94 318 55 99, fax +48 94 318 67 77
Globmetal, Dworcowa 56, 76-004 Sianów, Poland