We offer cutting with band saws, which prove themselves in practice when cutting profiles, sections, pipes and shafts, and are a relatively cheap solution.
They are used in individual and serial production, and due to its robust design they allow for cutting of a wide range of solid materials and profiles.
Cutter has a hydraulic vice with automatic feed for feeding material, which significantly speeds up the whole process. With an optical sensor of the automatic height  adjustment, the arm reaches the material faster and the hydraulic cutting control causes the arm to be raised after cutting.
The band guidance jaws have carbide inserts and bearings in the band guides, which additionally stiffens its entry into the material and prevents vibrations, significantly improving the quality of the service.

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Technical data:

  • cutting range of round elements 540 mm,
  • cutting range of rectangular elements 720x540 mm at 90°,
  • rotation of the arm from 90° up to +30°.