Accuracy is important in every aspect of production, and the condition for it assurance is 3D measurement technology. Precise FARO® laser mechanics and measurements do not allow errors in applications such as setting machining devices or aligning clamping fixtures, part inspection, surface analysis, 3D modelling or as-built documentation of the factory layout.

The measuring arm is characterised by:

  • new, ergonomic construction and general weight optimisation - new features,
  • Kinematic intelligent measuring probes which allow for fast replacement of the measuring probe without having to recalibrate the arm.

In the aerospace and automotive industries, in the metal industry, as well as in the production of tools and dies, the FaroArm and ScanArm arms are used for dimensional analysis and quality control in many different applications, such as precise machine setting, rapid prototyping, first series control, part verification and reverse engineering.

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FARO Edge ScanArm 2.7

Technical data:

  • Machine weight: 10.9kg,
  • 7-axis repeatability: 0.029mm,
  • 7-axis accuracy: +- 0.041,
  • Arm, base plate, standard set (3mm, 6mm).

MITUTOYO Crysta Apex V7106 - Coordinate Machine

Technical data:

  • Machine weight: 2 147 kg,
  • Accuracy: E0, MPE from: (1,7+0,3L/100) μm,
  • Width: 1,470mm,
  • Depth: 2000mm,
  • Height: 2,730mm,
  • Travel speed: 519 mm/s (3 axes),
  • 3D acceleration: 2 309 mm/s2 Ø6.0 mm, length 47.0 mm,
  • Air Supply: Pressure=0.4MPa,
  • Range: 701×1000×600mm.

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