Robotic welding is a highly advanced type of automated welding. Robotic welding allows you to obtain precise and fast results, reduce waste and improve safety. Robots can reach inaccessible areas and precisely execute complex welds faster than manual processes.

We offer welding services using the following methods: TIG, MIG, MAG – manual and automated, which are a guarantee of the highest quality. We perform welding of structural steel, alloy steel and aluminium and its alloys. Well-coordinated engineering team, experienced welders and available modern and robotic machine park allow us to comprehensively implement even very complex projects.

Our offer is addressed to both companies and individual customers.

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ABB IRB 1600 robot

Technical data:

  • thanks to innovative solutions, there is a capability of arc welding - all wiring and utilities culverted inside the arm,
  • repeatability of positions up to 0.02 mm,
  • track repeatability up to 0.48 mm,
  • simplified robot software.

Yaskawa MOTOMAN AR3120

Technical data:

  • lifting capacity - 20 kg
  • maximum working range - 3 124 mm
  • repeatability 0.07 mm
  • s axis - 180°/s
  • l axis - 180°/s
  • u axis - 180°/s
  • r axis - 180°/s
  • b axis - 180°/s
  • t axis - 180°/s

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