Meeting the needs of our customers, aware of our limitations, we have strengthened our machine park with ARKU straightener. Straightening elements after heat treatment is an uncommon process on the market, although it gives surprising results. It is mainly about releasing deformation of laser cut parts to achieve the expected flatness, even for high-strength parts, meeting very demanding standards.

The process of straightening materials after laser cutting is not required, but it is very economical and gives great comfort to work in the next stages of production. This allows to accelerate the subsequent processing of elements in the process of welding, bending and milling.

The capabilities of our machine are very wide, both in terms of capacity and the range of thickness of the material to be processed..

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ARKU FlatMaster precision straightener* 55 165

Technical data:

  • Number of straightening rollers: 19 pcs, all rolling and synchronized
  • Number of supporting rollers: 231 pcs.
  • Diameter of straightening rollers: 56 mm
  • Max. Width of workpiece: 1650 mm
  • Min. part length: 100 mm
  • Adjustment accuracy: 0. 01mm
  • Speed: 3 to 12 m/min, speed adjustable
  • Inlet height: approx. 950 mm
  • Weight: approx. 17,000 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 2,400 x 3,850 x 2,100 mm
  • Electrical Connection: 3 x 400V-PE (±10%), 50Hz (±1Hz), TN-S/TN-C

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